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      Action map 2020

      Mapping all events from the GFGF Action month in October 2020


      Join us to raise the alarm for Good food and good farming!

      European policies influence what we eat: every year €60 billion of taxpayers’ money is distributed to farmers through the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Right now, the biggest farmers get the most money. But a reform of the policy is underway, and many other laws are being discussed at the same time, affecting the way we farm and what we eat. Now is the time to stand up and be heard!

      We want:

      • access to tasty, nutritious and culturally appropriate food for all
      • re-localisation of food production, processing and consumption
      • food sovereignty and fair world trade
      • a CAP reform that is socially just, sustainable, supports living rural areas and does not harm other countries
      • fair income and decent work conditions for farmers, land workers, pastoralists and fishers
      • a better future in rural communities and in the city
      • many more people in farming and opportunities for young entrants
      • food policies that promote biodiversity, protect the environment and mitigate climate change
      • no GMOs?and reduce dependency on chemical inputs at large
      • animal welfare and fewer, higher-quality animal products
      • reverse the decline of bees, birds and other animals needed for sustainable agriculture and healthy ecosystems
      • more participatory political processes

      This website and materials have been funded with support from the European Commission. The content reflects the views only of Friends of the Earth Europe and its partner organisations, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

      Download our call to action 2020!

      Latest News

      Save insects - implement the #EUGreenDeal, make #SpaceforNature on farms and

      Thanks to our partner @GFGFActionDays we’ll be sharing from today until Saturday a series ??? of projects that the green recovery and the CAP reform should support.
      Join over 116.000 Europeans ???? that want to #WithdrawtheCAP ??
      ??????????? [THREAD]????

      Thanks for unpacking the @EU_Commission's paper on eco-schemes @oliver_moore.

      "We need to put ink on paper and fix the indications on eco-schemes in the legal acts in order to ensure coherence across the Member States."

      Read the article ??

      Slow Food Europe@SlowFoodEurope

      In response to a letter from 70 organisations including @SlowFoodEurope, the @EU_Commission promises to end exports of EU-banned #pesticides !

      More info in the PR ?? https://t.co/iqUxyMJGaO

      The way ecoshemes are going is straight from the greenwashing handbook:

      1) say the CAP will be green because lots of money will go to 'eco' spending
      2) allow that budget to pay for anything and everything


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